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Matrix Travel Management believes that developing good standards of corporate responsibility is an inherent aspect of its business principles. In doing so, we have established a number of policies which reflect the company’s ethos and attitude towards our employees, customers, other stakeholders and the community in general.

Our employees

Every member of staff has a part to play in creating customer satisfaction and employees are expected and encouraged to contribute to organisational advancement. We operate a policy of continual improvement, of both our business processes and the skills of our people, to take best advantage of advances in technology. This safeguards our operations for the future, ensuring that we will continue to add value to our customers’ businesses. We recognise that people are our principal asset and the foundation of our business. Employee policies have been designed to meet the needs of our business, and follow best practice, whilst complying with local legislation where necessary. These policies encapsulate our culture and values which are then reflected in and through our people. The company recognises the value of good employee communications within a knowledge-based business. Two-way communication is an important source of ideas and information and is vital to the enhancement and development of our staff and the company. Our managers are accessible to staff at all levels; communicating with and involving them in the development of the business. We aim to involve all employees in decision making processes wherever practical and they are encouraged to express opinions and propose solutions in order that, together, we are able to make better decisions. Decisions should be communicated openly and the reasoning clearly explained with the aim of everyone being committed to the outcome. We recognise that everything we expect to achieve in business is dependent on the personal performance of our staff. It is important that our people have the skills and knowledge required to successfully perform within our markets and that it is vital we have strong, effective managers to lead the company productively and profitably.

Health and safety

We aim to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees, outside contractors and visitors. The company complies with all relevant local legislation or regulations, and best practice guidelines recommended by national health and safety authorities. We also liaise with staff regarding our policies and practices so that we can continue to develop work surroundings into a healthy, safe and overall enjoyable environment.

Our business

We recognise the obligations we have towards our staff, shareholders, customers, suppliers and the community as a whole. We believe our reputation, together with the trust and confidence of those with whom we deal, to be one of our most valuable assets. In order to keep this reputation and trust we demand and maintain the highest ethical standards in carrying out our business activities.


We strongly believe that integrity in dealings with customers is a prerequisite for a successful and sustained business relationship. We operate a highly effective and efficient organisation, focused on exceeding customer expectations. Our aim is to provide services which give fair value and consistent quality and reliability in return for fair reward. We operate policies of continual improvement, of both processes and the skills of our staff, to take best advantage of advances in technology. This safeguards our operations for the future, ensuring that we continue to add value to our customers’ businesses. We have clear and strong lines of communication which allow us to respond quickly and efficiently to customer and market requirements. Our sales effort and delivery capability are aligned in order to ensure that we can successfully and consistently deliver what we promise. Our employees are fully empowered so as to allow them to deliver effective solutions every time.

Business partners and suppliers

As with our relationships with our other stakeholders, we aim to develop relationships and improve networking with business partners and suppliers based on mutual trust. We believe one of our major strengths is our approach to alliances and partnerships with customers. Our customers appreciate the ability to offer, through partnership, the best combination of state-of-the-art technology and world class service, strong customer relations and deep industry knowledge and experience, combined with the capacity to implement and deliver value-added solutions on time.


We believe that the company’s operations have, by their nature, minimal impact on the environment. However, we acknowledge that there is a minor environmental impact associated with our daily operations as well as a major implication through the travel activities of our customers. We consider the development and implementation of environmental standards to be of great importance. As such, we strongly encourage the 3 R’s:
  • Reduce
  • Re-use
  • Recycle
In the course of our operations we aim to reduce consumption of energy, water and other consumables. We also strive to re-use and recycle, where environmentally possible, and responsibly dispose of non-recyclable items. Through these actions we hope to lessen our impact on the environment, particularly by limiting our waste and reducing harmful emissions. The company regularly reviews its position on environmental issues to ensure it reflects changes in regulations and best practice. We aim to continue to manage and reduce any material adverse impact on the environment. The company recognises that the first step to reducing its environmental footprint, is to quantify it. We are currently reviewing the options with regard to partnering with a suitable carbon trading organisation which will allow us to measure our carbon footprint. The longer term benefits will be better developed policies which will contribute to the reduction of emissions across the company. In the interim period Matrix is already aware of the importance of efficient and cost-effective energy usage to reduce the overall impact on the environment, both in terms of reducing the consumption of non-renewable fossil fuels and in reducing the quantity of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. Accordingly we have already commenced reviews of our operation practices designed to reduce our energy usage and associated costs:
  • All our fridges will be A-Rated and therefore emit less CFC’s
  • All air fresheners will be Ozone air fresheners and therefore emit less toxins
  • All computer monitors are flat screen instead of CRT and are therefore more energy efficient
  • All employees are encouraged to understand how individuals can save energy both in the office and at home
  • We have lowered the central heating temperature control to provide more energy efficient heating
Matrix accept that motor vehicles are responsible for significant emissions to the atmosphere and therefore by reducing the use of vehicles and thereby the effects of them, we can benefit the environment and contribute to improving both the health of our staff and the general public.
  • Whenever possible, Matrix purchases or leases vehicles with year-on-year lower CO2 emission levels and includes, where practical, the purchase/lease of hybrid or biofuel vehicles.
  • We encourage those staff for whom it is possible, to walk or cycle to work
  • We encourage our staff to use car-sharing schemes to travel to and from the office
  • We endeavour to ensure the most effective use of Company vehicles by arranging for members of staff to travel in one vehicle where possible, for customer and supplier visits
  • All staff have been issued with a simple, 12 point guide to safer, greener and stress-free driving. They have also been encouraged to circulate the ideas to any other driver they know! If you would like a copy please email us at [email protected]


To reduce negative environmental impacts, we recognise that it is important to reduce the quantities of materials used in the office and to encourage the reuse and recycling of office materials and the use (where appropriate) of less environmentally damaging materials. Matrix will take all appropriate steps to reduce the amount of ‘raw material’ usage within the office environment.
  • All toners in printers and copiers are, where possible, recyclable and an established recycling scheme has been implemented for these products
  • Electronic communication is favoured over paper copies, thereby reducing the amount of internal paper waste
  • File-free travel bookings now account for around 68% of the total bookings with a target of 75%.

Charity and the Community

Our staff have always been generous in their support for charitable causes. The company supports the Charities Trust ‘give as you earn’ scheme to facilitate financial donations by staff via the payroll. In addition, the company encourages staff to support charities and participate in local charitable events and, where possible, donates its surplus computers to local good causes. We believe that being active in the wider community is an essential part of corporate responsibility and as such, is an essential element of the way we run our business. We believe our charitable involvement and social responsibility as being intrinsic to our people’s and our company’s future. Matrix’s chief contribution to local communities is through our staff. The company encourages staff to support the local community through appropriate activities and indeed many of our staff already contribute their own time to a variety of community activities. May 2008
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24/7 Emergency
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